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02 Aug What is the ingress of protection of an electric drive (IP)
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What is the degree of protection against ingress of foreign media?Ingress Protection (IP) is a protection standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60529). It determines the level of effective sealing of electrical equipment enclosures against the penetration of external foreign substances (dust, solids, liquids, etc.). How is the designation of the degree of protect..
26 Jul Choosing an electric drive based on the application
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How to choose the right actuator for a specific application?Proper drive selection is essential to any successful automation project. There are many models of drives with parallel, L-shaped and coaxial arrangement of motors. Such models can be used in many areas. Specific requirements require the creation of a unique design solution. In order to choose the right drive, the application and the rele..
23 Apr DS2 - Digital switch with display
01 Mar V1 - electric drive for sliding doors
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