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02 Aug What is the ingress of protection of an electric drive (IP)
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What is the degree of protection against ingress of foreign media?Ingress Protection (IP) is a protection standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60529). It determines the level of effective sealing of electrical equipment enclosures against the penetration of external foreign substances (dust, solids, liquids, etc.). How is the designation of the degree of protect..
02 Aug Proper ventilation in fitness rooms
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How to best implement your ventilation concept during a pandemicThe well-known rule during the pandemic (keeping distance, hygiene, wearing a mask) was supplemented by another important element: (distance, hygiene, daily mask + ventilation) This shows that the ventilation factor has long been underestimated. Findings from the beginning of the corona crisis show that the risk of infection indoors i..
26 Jul Choosing an electric drive based on the application
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How to choose the right actuator for a specific application?Proper drive selection is essential to any successful automation project. There are many models of drives with parallel, L-shaped and coaxial arrangement of motors. Such models can be used in many areas. Specific requirements require the creation of a unique design solution. In order to choose the right drive, the application and the rele..
15 Sep Top tips for restful sleep from TOPP
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Calm down with easy-to-apply methods and wake up refreshedGood sleep is a luxury that few can afford today. It has to do with our sometimes very busy daily lives. However, there are several scientifically proven methods that can help you sleep better and, most importantly, wake up refreshed. We've got the best expert advice that's sure to help you sleep like Sleeping Beauty.Tip one - exerciseIt's ..
15 Sep Wood-burning stove, extractor hood and automation TOPP
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We all know that our body needs oxygen to run all life processes. However, if you have a wood stove and range hood in the same space, using them together can be life-threatening. If the air (our oxygen) that is being transported outside due to the negative pressure of the hood can't get in, the fire in the stove constantly releases carbon monoxide. Here's where it gets critical: Because carbon mon..
15 Sep bathroom ventilation
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Ensure a comfortable indoor climate with window drivesIt is especially important to regularly and properly ventilate the room, especially in rooms with high humidity. Mold thrives in damp and cold environments. Often we only notice harmful spores when they are already discoloring the walls. Luckily, you can prevent mold with the right ventilation procedure - we'll explain how to do this and show y..
23 Apr DS2 - Digital switch with display
01 Mar V1 - electric drive for sliding doors
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