How to best implement your ventilation concept during a pandemic

The well-known rule during the pandemic (keeping distance, hygiene, wearing a mask) was supplemented by another important element: (distance, hygiene, daily mask + ventilation) This shows that the ventilation factor has long been underestimated. Findings from the beginning of the corona crisis show that the risk of infection indoors is significantly higher than outdoors. Therefore, the motto in the interior: air, air, air.

Ventilation and crown

Gyms are generally considered enclosed spaces with high traffic during the day. Here, in particular, it is important to observe the prescribed hygiene measures in order to prevent infection of the members. The point of ventilation again plays an important role: the smallest particles responsible for the transmission of the corona virus, also known as aerosols, are trapped in the air. The aerosols are not visible and are spread by talking, laughing, coughing and, above all, sneezing. Only with regular ventilation of the room and the associated air exchange is it possible to remove particles from the air.

Ventilation during sports

This moment may be of particular interest to athletes, because fresh air gives us the opportunity to significantly improve our training success. Irritated muscles use oxygen to repair themselves. If there is not enough oxygen, the muscles get energy from carbohydrates. As a result, we get tired faster. So it is beneficial for all athletes to always supply the body with fresh air. On the one hand, of course, due to training in the fresh air, and on the other hand, due to open windows and sufficient air exchange.

Practical example

A fitness studio in St. Petersburg knew before the pandemic how important ventilation was for athletes. In a large, light-filled room, there are only two light-colored walls with numerous window openers for electrically controlled ventilation. In addition to the light wall, there is a light dome that can also be opened and closed electrically. The entire studio can be regularly ventilated with just a few taps on the touch screen behind the reception desk. If it is raining, the rain sensor ensures that the actuators close the windows automatically.

If you are also looking for electric window drives to make your ventilation concept comfortable, then we will be happy to advise you – no matter how big or small your project is.

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