Calm down with easy-to-apply methods and wake up refreshed

Good sleep is a luxury that few can afford today. It has to do with our sometimes very busy daily lives. However, there are several scientifically proven methods that can help you sleep better and, most importantly, wake up refreshed. We've got the best expert advice that's sure to help you sleep like Sleeping Beauty.

Tip one - exercise

It's no secret that sport generally improves well-being. But did you know that exercising 3 times a week is enough to significantly improve sleep quality?

The real insider tip is light exercise half an hour to an hour before bedtime. Yoga, for example, is ideal for this. The body is stressed again and the mind can calm down better after that. However, heavy workouts that improve circulation should not be done right before bed. It would take too long for the body to shut down again. If you like to train in the evening, make sure you leave at least 2 hours between your workout and your rest phase.

Tip two - keep your hands off your smartphone

Admittedly difficult but important advice: avoid blue light from devices like smartphones, tablets and the like. And preferably at least an hour before bedtime. The reason for this is that blue light suppresses the production of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone responsible for the rhythm of day and night. If we consume too much blue light, our body receives a signal that it is not yet time to sleep - as a result, we fall asleep much later. Experts even advise to ban all devices from the bedroom, even the TV. If you still do not want to do without a smartphone in the bedroom, you can activate the so-called "night mode", which is already on most smartphone models. In any case, this partially reduces the blue light.

Tip three - create rituals

What sounds trite is incredibly useful: fixed bedtime rituals. Whether it's a cup of tea or listening to an audiobook. By repeating the action, our brain knows that it is time to calm down and prepare for sleep. First of all, experts advise starting the chosen ritual at a certain time and making it a routine.

Tip four - air, air, air

Oxygen, air for life, is as important to us as the food we eat. Gas is involved in all processes in our body and helps our body recover during sleep. If we do not provide the body with enough air during the night, we have significantly more sleep breaks and our brain cannot be supplied with enough oxygen. This is why we often wake up exhausted and usually even more stale after we go to bed.

For those who can't leave the window open all night because of the noise, we have a tip:

The bedroom window can be easily retrofitted with an electric window drive. With the help of Smart Home automation, you can set the motor so that the window opens and closes at a certain time. So it's perfect for automatically supplying our bedroom with enough oxygen for the night while we're still busy doing other things. If you're ready to ban your smartphone from the bedroom, auto-opening the window works great as an alarm too! This allows us to start the day relaxed, efficient and, above all, a little healthier.

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