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RWA systems

RWZ control units for smoke and heat evacuation systems


The control units for smoke and heat evacuation have the following specifications

and meet the following requirements (some technical characteristics may vary

according to the RWZ control unit model):

• Output for the connection of 24V actuators.

• VdS approved according to the VdS 2581 and VdS 2593 directives.

• Internal power supply certified according to DIN EN 12101-10.

• Control unit tested according to prEN 12101-9.

• 3 signal lines:

Automatic fire detector

RT2 manual emergency push button with indicators for operation,

alarm, malfunction and reset button

Connection to a fire alarm control panel or additional automation

fire detectors

• Alarm Reset using the RT2 button or in the control centre.

• Selectable functions:

“Auto-close” (automatic closure after resetting an alarm)

“Malfunction = Alarm” (alarm upon malfunction of a signal line)

“Automatic OFF” (the automatic commands - apart from the alarm - are


“Thermal alarm” (alarm on exceeding temperature of 70 °C inside the


• Possibility of connecting ventilation buttons

• Adjustable ventilation and time positions

• Possibility of connecting an external wind and rain control

• Normal operation, alarm and malfunction displayed on the emergency push


• Internal service display showing detailed status information for installation and


• Plug-in connection terminals (apart from actuator output).

• Upon direct reverse of travel, actuators are briefly stopped before changing the


• Sheet steel enclosure, light grey (RAL 7035).

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